MARCH 28th – ISSUE #11 | How do you become the Treasury Secretary of the largest economy on the planet and be that profoundly ignorant?

MARCH 19th – ISSUE #10 | People think technology + big data + machine learning = science, and it’s not.

FEBRUARY 27th – ISSUE #9 | Some of the claims made for AI and Neuroscience are completely unsubstantiated.

FEBRUARY 13th – ISSUE #8 | Let’s play with an actual Machine Learning algorithm.

JANUARY 31st – ISSUE #7 | Uber and Airbnb are two of the most innovative companies in the world .

JANUARY 23rd – ISSUE #6 | Software is eating the world.

JANUARY 15th – ISSUE #5 | The truth is, AI is as “fully-automated” as the Great and Powerful Oz.

JANUARY 9th – ISSUE #4 | You know that Uber tracks your mobile phone location for 5 minutes after you’ve finished your Uber ride, right?

JANUARY 1st – ISSUE #3 | Deaths of great artists in 2016: it’s worse than you think.

DECEMBER 19th – ISSUE #2 | The Garbage of the Week Award goes to…

DECEMBER 12th – ISSUE #1 | A robot that can make, wrap and bag 360 individually customised hamburgers.